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Cashout method tiktok
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Cashout method tiktok

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a moving video sharing and social networking application launched in September 2016.

Tools required for the cashut method.
(Tester with an iPhone)

1. Two count Tiktok (so one with more than 1000 subscribers)
2. An AppStore account
3. A CC (Walk with Non European CC because of the Lie Policy at 3D Secure)
4. A PayPal account
5. A VPN


1. Download the TikTok app
2. Go to AppStore, on its account and change the country of its blind to put it in the same country as the CC
3. After adding the CC information on the account and valid. If the CC function that should pass without worries
4. Then go to tiktok, in the settings, balance and clink on search. (I advice you to start with 330 pieces and then you can do as you want).
5. Now with the second account (that of more than 1000 subscribers) makes a direct and with your first account you come back in this direct and you send the pieces.
6. At this level, you only have to go to Balance then Live Gift to remove your money parts adding your Count PayPal as a withdrawal mode.

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