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Сайт для генерирования реальных баркодов USA
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Сайт для генерирования реальных баркодов USA


Online Generator USA Barcodes completely 100% correct and consistent with the original from AAMVA.

ArizonaUpdated May 2021 true-full valid of the original barcode PDF417 driver's license. Learn more.

Reality Today – Rev. Updates And New States U.S.

Available States For Barcode GenerationAllows To View & Download Barcode Image At Any Time.

Profile – Last OrdersCreate By Example And Avoid Errors

Generating New Hampshire BarcodeGet Started!
  1. Open Web Page Generator
  2. Take The Right U.S. State From List
  3. Fill Out Areas As Shown Preview
  4. Pay Button To Bitcoin Address For Amount
  5. Download Complete Barcode Image From Profile
Fine payment
  • Send exactly as much BTC as indicated in the payment window (don't include transaction fee in this amount). It's better to use QR code for more accurate payment.
  • Oh, no! Send any other bitcoin amount, payment system will ignore it and you won't get your barcode.

Q: Are your barcodes scanable?
A: Of course. Any scanner will define your document as valid. Each state is made with a unique code identical to the original document. No software will provide you with such unique barcodes.
Q: For which document revision are the barcodes suitable?
A: All revisions are listed in the state header. We update the states when new revisions are released. At this point all the states are updated to the latest revisions.
Q: I paid for the barcode but I made a mistake filling in the details. Can you fix it?
A: No. Only you are responsible for completing the details correctly. You should fill in all the details carefully and check them before you pay.
Q: I paid, but did not get my barcode, what is it?
A: While paying, carefully check the amount in the payment window with what you have entered, it doesn't matter if you use QR for payment or enter it manually. Hundreds of users use our service and don't face such a problem. We are not responsible for your negligence.
Q: How quickly will I get my order after the payment?
A: As soon as you have paid for your order, click "Refresh" button in the payment window - the order will instantly appear. You do not have to wait.
Q: It is not convenient for me to pay for one order at a time. Can I purchase several orders at once?
A: Yes. You can buy a package of 10, 50, 100 barcodes with a discount.

Barcode Decoding Drivers License Information

Standards - ISO Issuer Identification Numbers & RID
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