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Буржуйский мануал по THE 2022 TAX REFUND METHOD
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Буржуйский мануал по THE 2022 TAX REFUND METHOD

Приветствую коллеги !
Думаю английский будет не проблема для Вас.
RDP OR 911 vpn
DOB as shown on the SSN
Complete address on SSN
Full name on SSN
Background checker
Text Now or Google voice number
Create a separate email
The fact that I said SSN does not mean you should use just any fullz, make sure the fullz you are going to use has got high score from 700 upwards. Ones you are through with the above requirement don't just go to turbotax.intuit.com (https://turbotax.intuit.com/) and start filing for tax return.
1. First thing first do a background search of the ssn and check for recent or previous company the ssn holder is working or has worked for .
2. Ones you get the company name, just browse eintaxid.com website
3. Then insert the company name you got from the background search in the search bar of eintaxid.com and click on Search
4. The EIN of the company and other details should pop up
Since we now have the EIN number we are looking for, lets now go and check the company assets
5. Now browse the Benefits pro website by clicking on freeerisa.com (http://freeerisa.com/)
6. Making account with freeerisa.com (http://freeerisa.com/) by clicking on signup button
7. After clicking on signup, A new page will pops up, Enter the separate email you created , then choose the rest of the information
8. Now enter any information here you can use dead fullz information here, but your email must be correct because they will send information there.
9. After creating and verify the account, Enter the company name you got from eintaxid.com in steps 4 in the search bar, make sure to enter zip and state as it appeared on eintaxid.com
10. When you get your result just note the asset amount down

Now keep the above information you have gotten so far some where safe, let move to the second steps of the sauce, now we moving irs website to do some calculation before we are start the main turbotax.intuit.com
11. So the next to do is to go Irs calculator website using this link https://bit.ly/3oqmNam
12. They will first ask : What filing status will you use for your tax return? choose Married filing jointly.
13.Do you (or will you) or your spouse have a job that regularly withholds federal income taxes from your paychecks? Check the YES box .
14. Just check the box like the below screenshot. and click on Next

15.On my My First Income Source page check the box like in the below screenshot

16.Using your or your spouse’s most recent paystub: Fill in the details like below

17. You can manipulate the figures else fill in like the below ;
18. Choose I don't have any other source of income and click on Next.
19.The next page,on this page just click on Next.
20. Now the below amount is what I will get from turbotax.intuit.com (https://turbotax.intuit.com/) if I file for TurboTax.
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